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For more than twenty years the Baston company has been working in the decorated furniture sector and realizes unique furnishings for elegance and personalization.

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The initial idea is always born on paper

Our designers will take care to create the environment desired by the customer on paper.


The moment of realization

Our craftsmen sculpt and create all environments exclusively by hand piece by piece.


Take care of the details

The craftsmen are concerned with perfecting all the facets of creation to the millimeter.


Assemble with care

Each piece fits perfectly without showing sharp edges or unevenness, this is also possible thanks to the precious quality of the wood that always maintains its shape over time.


The detail makes the difference

Having a perfect and one-of-a-kind decoration can upset any environment, for this reason the decorations are also tailor-made for the customer who commissions them.


The emblem of luxury

We use 100% pure gold plated sheets with no residue. Applied to decorations or finishes they will make the details shine forever in order to always give light to your environment.


Refine the details

One of the most complicated parts is undoubtedly the processing of the golden sheet on the fresh decoration.


Checking the result

Every single decoration is already finished step by step to guarantee a perfect and homogeneous ornament in all its shapes and sizes.


Multiple techniques

Our artists adapt the creations according to the request, each material or decoration can vary depending on the work this in order to always guarantee 100% quality.